Working With Longwood Gardens Begonia Collection

While there are numerous areas of study in the field of horticulture, Floriculture crop production is arguably part of the foundation of this broad field. Having the knowledge to grow a crop requires an understanding of the fundamental principles of biology as well as other more advanced subjects.

Growing Avocados; What is the Best Way?

Before you throw out that next avocado pit, consider growing your own avocado plant using the steps outlined in this article.

Stop Crying Over Sliced Onions

Do onions want our help to spread their seed? If so, why are they so annoying to cut?! Find out about what onions are all about and how to avoid those burning eyes.

Winter Blooms

Learn how to bring the joy of Spring early this year! Forcing branches out of their dormancy is a rewarding winter activity that will have your home looking and smelling great in the midst of winter.

Floral Design Class Portfolio

Until recently, I have never designed a floral arrangement, but under the guidance of a wonderfully talented instructor I was able to produce some of these designs. Each design has a style and a purpose of its own, with unique color harmonies and design elements that are meant to accentuate the space they occupy.

Perfect Low Light Houseplants

Looking for low light indoor plant suggestions? This article covers 10 indoor plants that will thrive with minimal light.

Fun Indoor Activity for Parents and Kids

A basic guide for building terrariums. This is a perfect project to work on with your kids during these winter months.

4 Plants That Will Give You Fresh Breath

Four plants that will freshen your breath, alleviate your aches and pains, add flavor to your next dish, and help you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Just incorporate them into your diet and you will experience these results and more.

Summer Garden and Landscape Tips

Refer to this article for your summer gardening and landscaping tips. From pruning to planting and maintenance, this article will help you keep you yard and garden looking picturesque.

Get Rid of Pests Using I.P.M

This post on Integrated Pest Management examines methods for gardening without pesticides.

How to Select the Right Plant

When choosing any kind of plant for your garden or landscape, there are several factors to consider.

Why You Should Consider Organic Gardening

Organic gardening has more benefits than just improving your health. Read this article to learn how organic gardening and organic farming impacts your life and your environment.

10 PA Gardens Worth a Winter Visit

Missing the outdoors? Put on that winter jacket and go explore the serene winter landscapes of these gardens.