Great Gifts for Gardeners

Well it's the holiday season and if you're like me, finding gifts for certain people can be a challenge. Not to worry, I'm here to help. We all know someone who enjoys gardening, landscaping, and the beautiful outdoors. I compiled a list of some great gift ideas that will appeal to homeowners, gardening enthusiasts, and nature lovers. 

During the day, these frosted white planters will accent your garden, but by night, they will illuminate it! You have the convenience of putting these solar powered planters anywhere, no need to worry about wires or cords. They come in color changing modes or a single color. Each planter is 16" diameter and it has a 10" planting depth. Great gift idea for anyone who appreciates planter gardening.





These herb scissors would be perfect for anyone with a herb garden or anyone who enjoys cooking. They allow for quick and easy herb chopping without tearing or bruising. These five blade scissors make preparing herbs and garnishes an effortless task. The shears have stainless steal blades, a spring mechanism, and include a blade cover for safe storage.




Perfect for succulents, herbs, flowers and houseplants, this wine crate wall garden will transform any wall into a living decoration. This is a perfect gift for anyone who likes the vintage style this wall garden provides. It has a patented system which distributes water evenly to each plant. In addition, it is easy to install and the plants can be easily removed for harvesting or replacing. Who needs a painting when you have this beautiful display on your wall!




The aquafarm fishbowl and garden combination is a gift for all ages. A good teaching tool for kids, as well as a unique addition to a living space, the aquafarm creates a symbiotic ecosystem between the plants and the fish. By circulating nutrient rich water past the roots, the water is purified and sent back to the fish tank were the fish thrive. It can be used to grow edibles like spinach, basil, thyme, mint, baby greens and other decorative plants.


This wooden frame, rustic feel wall garden can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. It could be placed on a table as a living centerpiece, or hung on a wall or fence. The wallflower kit comes with everything you need to plant the succulent cuttings and to ensure they thrive along the way. The soil, moss, wooden frame with netting are all provided along with detailed instructions on how to get the best results. Another unique gift that will draw comments from guests and spark conversations! 



This first connection terrarium is a representation of the love for a father or mother a child feels. Inside this apothecary jar is a small sculpture of a mother and child nestled among a natural landscape. This terrarium and others like it are all made in Brooklyn, NY by artists Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow. Each piece of art comes with its own tweezers to give you the ability to customize the scene. A perfect addition to a living or office space, you cannot go wrong with this unique present.



A professional way to collect rain water. This barrel has a brass spigot for filling watering cans, a 50 gallon capacity, and it will sit attractively against any wall with its flat-back design. In addition, it is made of rugged polyethylene with a colored and wooden textured look. Avid gardeners will greatly appreciate this gift as it will save them money on their water bill, reduce their carbon footprint, and help them be a more conscious member of their community. 





Introduced over 20 years ago, these clogs are specifically designed for garden work. Tough enough to dig in and comfortable enough to walk around in, these clogs are constructed from one piece of pliable, rubber-like plastic. The molded cork insole can be removed for easy cleaning, which is essential for a gardener. They will last for years and will provide you with years of comfort while gardening. 






Know anyone with a rose garden? Well if you do these rose thorn strippers would make a great gift! This tool will allow for quick preparation of flowers for bouquets and arrangement of flowers without pricked fingers. Simply put the blade of this clever tool around the stem and pull down. You are left with a rose with no thorns, as well as a gardener without bloody fingers.